Digital Health Link offers the solution for sustainable data exchange and data-driven activities for a healthier society.
The key to sustainable data exchange

Well organized combined data is important for achieving better and affordable care.

For optimizing the healthcare value chain of: vitality – prevention – diagnostics – treatment – aftercare it is important to bring relevant data together.

The LinkinPin client makes this possible in a fundamentally good and sustainable way.

More than 15 years of experience
with data exchange at population level

Several reasons for linking and exchanging data exist within healthcare:

Innovative collaboration between regional healthcare parties

Daily practice healthcare support

Scientific and practical research

Our ‘proof of promise’

The technology is by design good and sustainable

The possibilities of the LinkinPin-client have been extensively tested, results are fully traceable, upscaling is simple and two-way data traffic is possible.

Secure linking of anonymized / pseudonymized data

The LinkinPin-client has been developed in accordance with the most up-to-date security and privacy standards.

Linking data is independent of the information system

The link with the LinkinPin-client is independent of the source, whereby multiple linking algorithms are possible. Source data remains at the source for the sole purpose of linking data.

The data source owner determines which data is exchanged with whom

Data owners determine for which purposes data is linked. Exchange of data is possible at any time and frequency.

LinkinPin as key
to sustainable data exchange

The LinkinPin-client has been developed in accordance with the most up-to-date security and privacy standards.

LinkinPin-client makes it possible to exchange data from healthcare information systems. The focus of Digital Health Link is primarily on healthcare.

Digital Health Link originated from a vision on health care where data at different levels can make an important contribution to better and affordable care. With the LinkinPin-client we have a product that enables independent and automatic linkage of data allowing for more healthcare and health outcomes data.

Connecting healthcare

By linking and exchanging healthcare data
for better, accessible and affordable healthcare

  • Existing product
  • Developed from a vision with an ambition
  • Technical proof of promise
  • Secure by design
  • Independent of current informationsystems
  • Scalable and future proof solution

Join the most powerful exchange tool:

Our drive

Healthcare systems lack a coordinated approach to link data for healthcare optimization and monitoring. In particular, health data is collected at various places, for different purposes in many formats, types and systems.

Monitoring of health data is key for achieving most optimal, accessible and affordable healthcare. LinkinPin is a sustainable data link solution that enables optimization of the health value-chain through population- and individual-based health monitoring and outcomes research.

Our ambition

The realization of a total solution for better insights in health and health outcomes.

What we offer

Independent data exchange for a healthier society.

Our mission

To contribute to better and affordable healthcare with data at different levels from a clear vision on healthcare.